The Disruption This Morning

by Holly Day

the seagulls huddled on the beach, pressed together
seeking warmth from each other, the cold
of the corpses unearthed by the storm
was contagious. they swarmed over

the small bodies huddled just beneath the sand
noisy where they landed, brief gaps between white feathers
revealed fingers, a clenched fist
an arm exposed to the shoulder
a head of close-cropped blond hair.

the firemen came with hoses
the shrieks of angry birds could be heard
all the way down the beach.

Holly Day has taught writing classes at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, since 2000. Her poetry has recently appeared in Big Muddy, The Cape Rock, New Ohio Review, and Gargoyle, and her published books include Walking Twin Cities, Music Theory for Dummies, Ugly Girl, and The Yellow Dot of a Daisy. She has been a featured presenter at Write On, Door County (WI), North Coast Redwoods Writers’ Conference (CA), and the Spirit Lake Poetry Series (MN). Her newest poetry collections, A Perfect Day for Semaphore (Finishing Line Press) and I’m in a Place Where Reason Went Missing (Main Street Rag Publishing Co.) will be out late 2018.


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