Call For Submissions

We’re live! And we’re ready to get down to business.

Please send us something you’re writing or would like to write.

It can be in direct response to the political events of the last year, or not at all. We’re interested in getting a better idea of what artistically matters to you.

We launched Strata to explore the means by which we find and apply meaning to the world with words, sounds, and images. We’re seeking experimental and conventional work—poetry, personal essays, philosophical essays, political essays, visual art, photography, videography, libretti and free writing, short fiction, pieces which establish dialogue between two writers, ideas for recurring or serialized columns and inquiries, anything! Anything! 

We’re available to meet, physically or electronically, to discuss and help develop your piece.

There’s no call for you to identify as a “writer” or “artist,” just for you to be a person who writes or creates art.

Email us at